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School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

SEBS Office of International Programs

Our Mission

We encourage and promote all SEBS students, faculty and visitors to incorporate internationalization in their academic pursuits in order to foster global perspectives that address modern scientific challenges on local and global scales.

We support study abroad in the sciences, faculty research, and exchange collaborations, and we welcome incoming international students with specialized program enrichment.

Student Assistance

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International Education Week: Journey to the U.S.

IEW week flyer

International Education Week (IEW), November 16-20, 2020, is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.

In recognition of International Education Week, we are sharing stories of how some of our international faculty and staff members made their journey to the U.S. Their stories will be released throughout this week.

Click here to read their stories!

Anti-Racism Seminar: Asian Students’ Experiences

The SEBS Office of International Programs hosted the Anti-Racism Seminar: Asian Students’ Experiences on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 10:00-11:00 am (EST) via Zoom. This seminar was open to all Rutgers students, faculty, and staff.

If you missed the event, you can watch the recording of the event HERE.

Center for Agricultural Food Ecosystems (RUCAFE)

Visit RUCAFE’s new website and learn more about their projects!

RUCAFE applies a uniquely diverse and holistic approach to researching food systems and designing innovative and culturally appropriate methods to sustainably nourish our growing human population in balance within our global ecosystems.

Study Abroad Highlights

Eric Lorenz, PepsiCo, Inc.

“The Microbiology and Culture of Cheese & Wine is a hands on experience filled to the rim with culture, science, French history, and of course, cheese and wine. As a process engineer, I’m always interested in learning how things are made, and this course did not disappoint. Dr. Häggblom’s expertise in microbiology is a fantastic partnership with Dr. Healy’s knowledge of local French history and culture. Together they round out […]